What Is The Best Day To Start A Diet?

I often get asked this question: What is the best day to start a diet? My answer is simple: Monday is the best day to start a diet, and in this post, I will explain why.

What is the best day to start a diet?


According to psychology, Monday is the best day to start a new diet. Mondays are the best days because your mind taps into the “fresh start effect” when you feel like “a new person,” ready to change habits.

On your Birthday

Your birthday marks the start of your life on earth. In my experience, most people who start new things or habits on birthdays tend to keep those habits for a long time.

A day after major events

Major events change people, such as the wedding day, after getting the first baby or grandchildren, after surviving a car crash, etc.

After those events, most people either get the desire to live longer or start living healthier lifestyles.

This could be because they want to live longer to see their child or grandchildren grow, or maybe they feel they got a second chance to live and want to live longer.

If you have been in this situation, you might seize the opportunity to start your weight-dieting journey.

What is the worst day to start a diet?

The worst day to start a diet is Saturday. Saturday is the day most people go out, eat fast food, and drink a lot of alcohol.

Also, I do not recommend starting a diet on Sunday or Friday. For many people, Friday indicates the end of the week.

Physiologically, your mind does not want to start anything new; it wants to finish things and relax. This is the same for Sunday.

Don’t fall into a trap.

I know I just said that Monday is the best day to start a diet, but do not fall into the trap of waiting until next Monday to start your diet.

When I moved to Mexico, one Mexican friend shared a joke about diet with me, which goes like this.

Who are we? Fat people.

What do we want? To start a diet.

When will we start? On Monday.

But today is Monday, Next Monday.

And the cycle continues.

The moral of the story is that you should not wait until Monday to start your diet. Make the decision to start a diet today and stick with it.

Eating the right food should be your lifestyle and not something you do occasionally when you feel you are gaining weight.


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